University recreation and sports facilities

1. Iran university has Shahid Hemmat Sports Complex with following activities:

  • Education and research in Physical education
  • Development of champion sports
  • Development of public sports
  • Development and equipment of sports facilities

It helps to develop the culture of sports and to enhance the vitality and motivation among students, staff and faculty to create a healthy and energetic generation. There are physical education classes in 6 sports of athletics, table tennis, badminton, fitness, volleyball and futsal for identifying and recruiting the elite athletic talents. Inter-university championships in various fields of sports (Wrestling،Taekwondo ،Athletics، Karate ،Futsal and chess) are held in Ramazan and other festivals. The students can participate in the National Sports Olympiad, conferences and competitions within colleges and dorms in the fields of Darts, Table football, Sport stacking, Frisbee, Tug of war, Skipping rope, Fitness, Tennis and Climbing. Various sports conferences are held for new students and sports brochures are distributed in the university.

2. Exercise in dormitories

In International Students' dormitory there are many sport equipments such as table tennis, handy football game and body building equipment. In each year international Students have sport Competitions in dormitories.


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