In the IUMS School of Pharmacy, we focus our efforts on the following research areas: neuroscience and pharmacology, novel pharmaceutical formulations, synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates or active ingredients,in silicodrug design and modeling, clinical practice, plants-derived materials, molecular signaling and biopharmaceuticals production.


Research Fields of Pharmaceutics

  • Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
  • Veterinary Drugs Formulations
  • Natural Product Formulations
  • Personalized Delivery Systems
  • Mucosal Delivery Systems
  • Novel Formulations forin vitroDiagnosis
  • Biologic Based Cosmeceuticals
  • Probiotics
  • Biologic Drug Preparations
  • Cell Therapy

Research Fields of Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • In vivo & in vitro toxicity tests
  • Mechanistic Toxicology (Cellular Signaling and Signal Transduction)
  • Recognizing toxins in the environment and foodstuffs (Environmental Toxicology)
  • Searching for acute and chronic intoxication of traditional medicine and natural products
  • Determining drug toxicity impact on CNS & behavioral tests (behavioral neuroscience)
  • Studying the toxico-kinetics & toxico-dynamics of drugs
  • Drug abuse
  • Nano Toxicology
  • Molecular Toxicology
  • Cardiovascular, respiratory & renal pharmacology
  • Studying the impacts of chemical agents on Cancer
  • Studying the impacts of chemical agents on Diabetes
  • Neuropharmacology (Studying about various neurodegenerative diseases)


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