Pharmacognosy and Biotechnology

Pharmacognosy and Biotechnology

About Us

The department involves two subdivisions, specifically pharmaceutical biotechnology and pharmacognosy. Biopharmaceuticals have been considered as a significant sector of the global pharmaceutical market. We are willing to establish academic training and conduct research approaches in the varied areas of biotechnology towards pharmaceuticals of commercial substances, to be more specific, diagnostic and therapeutic enzymes, peptides, proteins, antibodies, as well as vaccines. Pharmacognosy is the science with exceptional center of attention to bioactive natural materials constructed in medicinal plants and other natural sources. Pharmacognosy as a highly interdisciplinary field is in direct relation with organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology & toxicology, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, biotechnology, etc. We are committed to establish outstanding educational and research amenities and meet rigorous learning opportunities for individuals enthusiastic about already stated area. The Department has complement of competent academic members together with laboratory staffs. A herbarium positioned in the faculty for certification and conservation of herbal plants.   

Mission and Vision
We intend to adequately secure reputable education for M Pharm and Pharm D undergraduates to establish a unique advantage of being placed in the pharmaceutical industry. We wish our graduates to assert their capabilities as qualified pharmacists in the development of innovative products and processes besides creating perspectives in research and development of newly-discovered natural and bio-therapeutics. To fulfill our mission we strive to train tenacious professionals equipped with comprehensive knowledge, skills and humanity.


Dr. Hamed Montazeri Dr. Mahsa Saber navaei Dr. Negar Mottaghi-Dastjerdi
Dr. Sajjad Nasseri  Dr. Paria Sharafi Badr  



Lab facilities

  • Pharmacognosy Lab.
  • Molecular and Cellular Research Lab.
  • Herbarium.
  • Herbaratum.


advisors E-mail Office Phone
Dr. Hamed Montazeri montazerighods.h 117 +(98-21) 44606181
Dr. Mahsa Saber navaei 113
Dr. Negar Mottaghi-Dastjerdi mottaghi.n 110
Dr. Sajjad Nasseri 109
Dr. paria Sharafi Badr 217


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