Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

About Us
Medicinal chemistry is the science that deals with a number of disciplinary perspectives, all focused on the ideal target of drug discovery and development. Our division provides professional teaching according to the existing curriculum and extracurricular programs for both MPharm and PharmD students. The department has additionally diverse research interests in a broad spectrum of medicinal chemistry. The field of drug design and synthesis, pharmaceutical analysis and molecular modeling or computational bio-molecular simulation can be the focal point of the research projects. Through employment of quantitative analytical methods, we are capable of providing desegregated correlation with industry offering different quality control examinations such as assay, impurity assessment, etc. The members of the department also pursue interdisciplinary research areas including chemistry of natural products, biochemistry and chemical biology.

Mission and Vision
The department tries to be distinguish itself not only nationally, but also internationally, by training well-rounded pharmacists prepared to tackle the challenges of the next generation. Our mission is to enable students to become pharmacy leaders through collaborative research opportunities and problem solving skills. We aim to prepare pharmacy students to design, synthesize, analyze and develop novel pharmaceutical molecules. The Department of Medicinal Chemistry offers a dynamic and multifaceted discipline which is dedicated to improving the health of society. Our ultimate objective is to prioritize applied research in an effort to become a third generation university.



Dr. Mehdi Asadi Dr. Homa Azizian Dr. Seyedeh Sara Mirfazli




Lab facilities

  • General Chemistry Lab.
  • Medicinal Chemistry Lab.
  • Advanced Physical Analysis Lab.
  • Advanced Chemical Analysis Lab.
  • Computational Bio-molecular Simulation Lab.



Members E-mail Office Phone
Dr. Homa Azizian azizian.h 419 +(98-21) 44606181
Dr. Seyedeh Sara Mirfazli mirfazli.s 120
Dr. Mehdi Asadi   217


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