At Iran University of Medical Sciences and the School of Pharmacy, we value diversity in individuals and ideas. Diversity is a key component of our school, which is also what sets us apart from our competitors. We are willing to create an unsurpassed, student-centered educational experience led by brilliant faculty members and staff, enhanced by our student body. Here at the School of Pharmacy, we value innovation in research and practice. Innovative use of collaborative and interdisciplinary opportunities among pharmacists and other health care professionals serves as a model for the next generation of healthcare providers to look up to.
Our ultimate goal is to instill the spirit of professionalism as a value in all our undergraduates, postgraduates, as well as faculty and staff members.
Mission and Vision

  • Develop initiatives to establish a safe, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere
  • Engage with national and regional  hospitals and community pharmacies
  • Pay meticulous attention to ensuring our graduates are ready for collaborative interaction with their colleagues and counterparts
  • Help better serve communities around the world
  • Wish to be a key player in drug discovery, development, and the rational use of therapeutics to improve patient health and wellbeing
  • Provide unique research opportunities in areas that are of priority to the University and the scientific community
  • Prepare M-Pharm and PharmD graduates to play a key role as practitioners in improving the quality of health care and patient services
  • Cultivate an amicable relationship among students, faculty and staff in pursuing the School and University’s objectives
  • Instruct undergraduates in accordance with acceptable educational standards and ethical values to ensure successful engagement with patients and colleagues around the world
  • To be recognized, both at home and abroad, for high standards in international education and research
  • To develop collaborations with lecturers and investigators at other academic institutions  
  • Highlight the value of pharmacists as an integral member of the team among other health care professionals, especially to policy makers / decision makers


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